Characters of Set Sail for a Funny Tale animation

Princess Sophie

Active, curious, agile, and the kind princess is too adventurous and brave. Spite the orders of her grandma, the queen, she never likes the royal lifestyle. Instead, she loves to sail like a professional seafarer, find new lands, and experience odd adventures.

Captain Basil Stumble

A clumsy, funny, and kind sailor becomes the captain by accident. He doesn’t understand sailing except for knotting and untying the ropes. But Princess Sophie always makes up for his clumsy work. He always wins against Silver Hoff, not because of his skills but his honesty.

Captain Fernand Silver Hoof

The Admiral of Green Stall is one of the descendants of pirates. This very noisy, pretentious, and proud man pretends to be brave but is very cowardly. He usually fails at the tasks, but he is over self-confidence.

Queen of Greenstall

Moody and strict but kind. She is very committed to aristocratic customs and tries to teach them to her granddaughter Sophie but usually, she can’t. Queen gets angry very fast, become happy very quickly, gets frustrated very soon, and becomes excited very fast, just like a kid. She should achieve it immediately when she wants something, just like a kid. She isn’t so bright but always tries to hide this truth.

Tuberious Toadofrog

Mysterious and vicious scientist. He constantly pursues personal interests in his strange inventions. He has a lot of faith in his protests and usually collaborates with Capitan Silver Hoof to win the race against Captain Stumble.


A very strict servant who never laughs. It is very formal and bound by royal customs. She is grumpy and constantly instructs Sophie to be polite and within aristocratic etiquette.