Retro Beauty Elements Pack

The package provides all of the materials to make the beautiful contents. The collection of animated objects and Icons supplies visual elements related to the chignon, hairstyle, hair color, hair removal, hair cut, manicure, pedicure, gelish, shellac, laminate, nail, piercing, tattoo, french nails, dip powder nails, gel manicure, OPI gel nail polish, pink ombre nails, Russian manicure, hot pink nails, skincare, health, message, night cream, relax, Moisturizing cream, hydrating cream, rejuvenate, Anti-wrinkle, lifting cream, Sunscreen, face wash, body lotion, body splash, perfume, primer, fixative, fade, cosmetic surgery, toner, micellar and pad.

Smart Chart Builder

With Smart Chart Builder, you can easily design different charts, customize the texts and footage, and quickly produce a presentation video by moving the camera on them.