Retro Beauty YouTube Elements Pack

You Tube element for beauty contents

A complete package for beauty You tubers and affiliate marketers

If you want to make money through beauty videos, this package will help you quickly turn your regular video into an adorable video.

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  • Awesome trend graphic style
  • All needed elements to make beauty videos
  • Functional Adobe After effects elements
  • Applicable Premiere Pro MOGRT files
  • Specially designed for the beauty industry in trending style
  • Easy to use with a perfect After effect script
  • Color controls


The package would cover all your video and motion graphic content needs. If you are a Youtuber or want to publish an engaging video is the best choice.

Graphic Style:

We design this package respecting the most influencing factors in the graphic trends. The Retro style has been one of the most attractive styles in the fashion industry. It has become the most trend recently again. 

The package has a colorful flat design to illustrate bright and happy scenes for beauty and fashion motion graphics.

Subject coverage:

The package provides all of the materials to make the beautiful contents. The collection of animated objects and Icons supplies visual elements related to the chignon, hairstyle, hair color, hair removal, hair cut, manicure, pedicure, gelish, shellac, laminate, nail, piercing, tattoo, french nails, dip powder nails, gel manicure, OPI gel nail polish, pink ombre nails, Russian manicure, hot pink nails, skincare, health, message, night cream, relax, Moisturizing cream, hydrating cream, rejuvenate, Anti-wrinkle, lifting cream, Sunscreen, face wash, body lotion, body splash, perfume, primer, fixative, fade, cosmetic surgery, toner, micellar and pad.

Package content:

  1. Opener/intro
  2. Icon pack
  3. Animated Objects
  4. Motion shapes
  5. title and lower thirds 
  6. Quotations 
  7. Youtube Icons
  8. Youtube End Cards
  9. Video Promos
  10. Typographies

* All elements continue After Effects and Premiere Pro MOGRT files, except opener that has only After Effects File.

Youtube Elements content:

  • Subscribe
  • Bell
  • Like
  • Add
  • Comments / Caption
  • Share
  • Notifications
  • Play
  • Hand touch

Download the package from here

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List of Icons and props:

around Eye mask, Beauty icon, Anti Wrinkle eye, Cleaning face, Diamond, Eye makeup, face, and sun, face makeup1, face massage, Facial mask, Flower, Fresh, Hand and cleaner, Hand and soup, lips makeup, Lips, Manicure, open and close eye, pedicure, spa, body spray, brush, Comb, contour palette, Cream, Cream, Disposable Shaving, Eye Cream, eye shadow, fac, powder, Face wash, fake lash, foundation makeup, hairdryer, Hair iron, Lipstick, Lipstick, liquid lipstick, Makeup bag, Makeup pencil, Manicure scissors, Mascara, Mirror, nail clippers, nail polish, Perfume, Roll Hair comb, Rouge

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A complete package for beauty You tubers and affiliate marketers.