Trolls 3 Movie

Trolls 3 Movie

Trolls 3 Movie


The next installment of the animated “Trolls” franchise based on the well-liked toys, “Trolls 3 Movie,” has a release date of November 2023 established by Universal. However, it should be noted that the third “Trolls” movie will also have a theatrical release exclusively, following the success of the previous film as a digital rental.


Trolls 3 Movie Release Date


On Nov. 17, 2023, “Trolls 3” (working title) will be released in cinemas. It will debut exclusively there and won’t be available on premium video-on-demand for at least a 17-day window or three weekends later.


Trolls 3 movie

More About Trolls 3 Movie


As one of the first films to skip theaters and be published straight as a digital rental, “Trolls World Tour” from April 2020 took a significant risk right at the beginning of the epidemic. And the risk paid off when the movie received roughly 5 million rentals in its first three weeks and made close to $100 million in rental fees because there weren’t many other alternatives for viewing, especially for youngsters.


Trolls 3 movie


In addition to earning Universal a Best Original Song Oscar nomination, this resulted in a 49% increase in home entertainment sales in 2020. Additionally, $47.2 million was made at the foreign box office by “Trolls World Tour.”



The global box office for the 2016 version of “Trolls” was close to $350 million. This Friday at 9 p.m. ET/PT, NBC will also be broadcasting the special “Trolls Holiday in Harmony,” which will include a large portion of the “Trolls World Tour” ensemble and feature the voices of Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick.

According to current plans, “Trolls 3” will debut in 2023 on the same day as a comedy starring John Krasinski and Ryan Reynolds from Paramount. The following week will also see the release of an untitled Disney animated feature.


Queen Poppy is followed as she organizes the First Annual Trolls Kingdom Secret Holiday Gift Swap in “Trolls Holiday in Harmony.” But when she and Branch draw names, things take an unexpected turn. As Tiny Diamond struggles to come up with a unique Christmas rap for his father, he experiences severe writer’s block.


Trolls 3 movie




  1. We Will Rock You (performed by Queen)
  2. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (performed by Jewel)
  3. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (performed by Leo Sayer)
  4. Beat It (performed by Michael Jackson)
  5. You Don’t Know How It Feels (performed by Tom Petty)



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