Set Sail for a Funny Tale, animated TV series

Set Sail for a Funny Tale an Adventure a Treasure Friendship

Plot Summary

Princess Sophie is the heart and soul of Set Sail for a Funny Tale, a true hero in every sense of the word. Unlike many animated characters, she doesn’t possess any extraordinary powers, but what sets her apart is her unyielding determination and courage in the face of adversity. Sophie has an insatiable thirst for adventure and refuses to be confined by the restrictions of her royal lineage. She is not content with the mundane, constantly pushing the boundaries and seeking new and exciting experiences.

Sophie’s best friend is a sailor, Basil Stumble, who has just become the captain of his ship, and together they embark on daring voyages, discovering strange and wondrous lands along the way. But they must also contend with their fierce rival, Captain Silver Hoff, a descendant of pirates who will stop at nothing to thwart their every move.

Throughout their adventures, Sophie repeatedly proves she is a force to be reckoned with, never backing down from a challenge and always finding innovative solutions to their obstacles. She is a role model for young viewers, demonstrating the power of determination and the importance of never giving up, no matter how difficult the journey may seem.

Join Princess Sophie and her intrepid crew as they Set Sail for a Funny Tale, exploring mythical islands and encountering strange and unexpected events at every turn. It’s an epic journey filled with excitement, danger, and, most importantly, laughter.

Published: One season, seven episodes
Running time: 11 minutes (Per episode)
Resolution: Full HD ( 4k and 8K are available on demand)
Princess Sophie
Princess Sophie
Active, curious, agile, and the kind princess is too adventurous and brave. Spite the orders of her grandma, the queen, she never likes the royal lifestyle. Instead, she loves to sail like a professional seafarer, find new lands, and experience odd adventures.
Captain Basil Stumble
Captain Basil Stumble
A clumsy, funny, and kind sailor becomes the captain by accident. He doesn’t understand sailing except for knotting and untying the ropes. But Princess Sophie always makes up for his clumsy work. He always wins against Silver Hoff, not because of his skills but his honesty.
Captain Silver Hoof
Captain Silver Hoof
The Admiral of Green Stall is one of the descendants of pirates. This very noisy, pretentious, and proud man pretends to be brave but is very cowardly. He usually fails at the tasks, but he is over self-confidence.

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Set Sail for a Funny Tale community

Forums, blogs, and news about the Set Sail cartoon

(Coming Soon)

Soon, several methods will be launched to communicate with the fans of this series, from online games to forums and social networks.

Even our programming team is designing a system to connect the islands of this series to the metaverse world. Fan ideas will be used to make new episodes, and you can be a production team member.

Parents will fall in love with the animated series because we use the advice of several child psychologists to write the scripts of this series.

A specialized blog will be launched for the applications of psychology in animation production soon.

Parents can share their experiences and comments with us in the discussion forums to be used in the production of the next episodes.

Our mission is to turn this series into a proper platform for teaching life skills to children. (Please read our roadmap)

We will design games to teach students using this series’s characters and stories soon. We will welcome your comments.

Road Map of the Second Season

Magical Islands

Based on the psychology of children, we have designed nine magical islands for the second season of the series. The characters introduced in the first season will go on distant voyages in this season and find valuable treasures on these islands. Each gem symbolizes one of the human values, and each island is a way to get it.
For example, one of them is called the bitter-and-sweet island. It consists of two twin islands; one of them is white and made of sweet chocolate, and the other is bitter and made of dark chocolate. Our sailors must cross the bitter island to reach the treasures inside the sweet chocolate island. This way, we teach children to endure hardships to get valuable things.
Anyone can find something lost in the past on another island called lost objects island. Adults can discover the joys they lost in childhood on this island. Tall caves on this island are filled with thousands of crystal balls containing people’s memories.