Self: Pixar's Latest Animated Short Film Now Available for Streaming on Disney+

Self: Pixar’s Latest Animated Short Film – Now Available for Streaming on Disney+

Self: Pixar’s Latest Animated Short Film – Now Available for Streaming on Disney+


Pixar’s SparkShorts series introduces its latest gem, “Self,” a seven-minute animated short film seamlessly combining traditional stop-motion animation and stunning CGI. While the visual spectacle is undeniable, what truly sets this film apart is the profound lesson embedded within its concise narrative.


Unveiling the Story:

“Self” unfolds the tale of a wooden doll navigating a world filled with identical golden mannequin-type beings. Despite her attempts to connect with the shimmering inhabitants, she is consistently ignored, possibly due to her physical dissimilarity or the distinct sound produced when she taps her chest.

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Watch Pixar’s Self on Disney+

Head to Disney+ now and immerse yourself in the visually stunning world of “Self,” where a wooden doll’s transformative tale unfolds, leaving a lasting impact that transcends the confines of its brief runtime. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this thought-provoking gem that goes beyond entertainment, exclusively on Disney+.


A Reflection of Reality:

The doll’s struggle resonates with the universal experience of loneliness when one doesn’t conform to societal norms. The narrative takes a poignant turn as the doll, desperate for acceptance, replaces her wooden parts with gold, mirroring the sacrifices individuals make to fit in.


The Core Message of Self:

As the plot unfolds, viewers are prompted to reflect on their own lives. Have they compromised aspects of themselves to conform to societal expectations? The film encourages contemplation on authenticity, urging audiences to consider whether they’ve lost touch with their true selves in the pursuit of societal approval.


A Directorial Triumph:

“Searit Huluf,” the director behind “Self,” proves her mettle in this visually striking creation. While not a newcomer to Pixar, having contributed to renowned films like “Soul” and “Turning Red,” Huluf’s directorial prowess shines through in “Self.” Her ability to convey a powerful message within a brief runtime signals a promising future in the film industry.


Embracing Creative Authenticity:

Pixar’s SparkShorts program provides a platform for emerging talents like Huluf to showcase their creativity. “Self” exemplifies the potential of filmmakers who prioritize artistic expression over commercial considerations. Huluf’s imaginative storytelling, free from conforming to Hollywood norms, marks a refreshing departure.



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