Territory A Fantastime Movie Selected for the Animare Cartoon Film Festival

Territory A Fantastime Movie Selected for the Animare Cartoon Film Festival

Territory A Fantastime Movie Selected for the Animare Cartoon Film Festival


The Animare Cartoon Film Festival, an international animated short film festival dedicated to children, has selected the animated short film Territory for its 2023 lineup. Its peculiarity consists of the jury, the youngest film festival jury in the world: 100 children from 3 to 15 years of age give their opinion on the films presented and choose the winners.

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With the help of a varied and flexible language, ANIMARE aims to promote film literacy, dialogue, and civic education.

Children are the core of this event: with their unique critical sense, they analyze and assess the films screened.


Territory on Animare Cartoon Film Festival

The Territory short animation, produced by Fantastime Entertainment, is a powerful allegory about the effects of global warming and human selfishness. The film tells the story of two polar bears who are forced to wander the sea due to the impact of global warming. As they search for a new home, they come across an iceberg that seems suitable for survival. But they destroy their fragile habitat by fighting over territory.

The film’s two polar bears symbolize humans who, despite losing their habitat due to global warming, are still considering war to expand their territory. The film’s slogan, “People fight for the territory while the whole planet is sinking into disasters,” highlights the destructive impact of human conflicts and global environmental changes on vulnerable species and their habitats.

The territory is a must-see for anyone concerned about climate change’s impact and human conflict. The film’s powerful message and stunning visuals will leave a lasting impression on viewers of all ages.


“Territory”: An Animation of Resonance and Impact

Territory” has swept its audience into an emotive journey, beautifully illustrating the challenges faced by our planet’s delicate ecosystems. This poignant story follows two polar bears as they navigate the tumultuous waters of global warming and territorial disputes. In their quest for a safe haven, they stumble upon an iceberg of refuge, only to be embroiled in another struggle for their survival. This animation conveys the intrinsic connection between human actions and nature’s resilience.



The Animare Cartoon Film Festival will be held from July 10 to 13, 2023, in Bertinoro, Italy. Territory will be screened in the festival’s international competition program.


We are excited to see Territory screen at the Animare Cartoon Film Festival, and we hope that the film will inspire children worldwide to take action to protect our planet.

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