3D Graphic Style Explainer Pack, Briskland

3D Graphic Style Explainer Pack, Briskland

Briskland, 3D Graphic Explainer Pack

Dream Expander released a brand-new After Effects template in a new graphic style called Briskland. It can help motion designers, YouTubers, and video editors provide eye-catcher products using an outstanding visual style.

Future of motion design graphic style

Dream Expander team has designed the Briskland explainer based on proper research about the future of motion design. The R&D department considered the fundamental factors influencing the graphics motion design industry. Also, they followed the chain of media. It briefly means that you can see the future of motion design trends by looking at the current graphic styles’ popularity. A new style usually designed by a graphic designer then becomes a trend among motion designers.

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Why the new graphic style?

About 500 hours of the video is published every minute only on YouTube (Recourse), making it a highly competitive condition. If you want to have successful video marketing or be an influential YouTuber, you should choose the most trending style besides a practical subject for your video. (Read more about selecting popular graphics here)

Why Briskland?

Dream Expander team decided to create an entirely new style explainer after its previous experiences. Although there are some successful 3D after-effects templates on the markets, Briskland has a new approach. It contains a 3D graphic style instead of a 3D cartoon style.

3D graphic vs. 3D cartoon style

Imagine a graphic designer compared with a painter. Their artworks have a lot of differences in aesthetics and usages. You may find the paints used for advertisement in 19 century, but it is scarce in recent age. Graphic art and promotional illustration skills have different approaches to providing concepts using minimal composition and more abstract design. Now it’s time to use the 3D graphic instead of realistic or comical 3D models for promotional videos.

History of 3D graphic style

Ever Since digital 3D had born, most artists have tried to create more realistic 3D scenes. After a while, they tried to revive traditional cartoons into 3D movies. On the other hand, the graphic artists took a different path using flat design vectors, art deco, punk, minimalist, etc.

Animation creators and graphic designers were using completely different tools. Animators preferred software like 3D Max, Maya, Cinema4D, and Soft image. But graphic designers selected devices like Corel draw, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

At that time, rarely did anyone use 3D tools to create graphic scenes. But the visual trends have entirely changed in recent years at the same time as applications. Some graphic software prepared 3D tools to create simple 3D objects and isometric elements. Also, the 3D industry achieved to integrate solutions to export 3D models on any platform. PBR models can use in a wide range of projects, from games to web pages. Also, some websites like Pixelsquid.com provide 360 degrees 3D models as graphic design elements.

Minimal 3D Models

You can see constant changes from completed into the minimal design in the graphic world. Look at the history of the Pepsi Cola logo as an example.

Dream Expander team has designed Briskland to provide a complete animated toolkit of minimal characters and elements for the near future of motion graphics.

If you are looking for a brand new style for your motion graphics, 3D graphics is the best choice.

Briskland, 3D Graphic Explainer Pack

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