Briskland, Professional 3D Explainer Toolkit free download

Briskland, Professional 3D Explainer Toolkit free download

Briskland free download for educational use. The Professional 3D Explainer Toolkit.

Briskland, Professional 3D Explainer Toolkit

It has never been easy to create an advanced 3D animation.
  1. 15X Faster: While most templates use rendered videos as the source, our new solution provides you with 8K rigged characters without any video asset, which played 15 times faster than the same legacy templates. 8K video sources had been too large and slow playing.
  2. 8K Elements: It let you zoom on 8k elements on your Full-HD of 4k projects. Also, you can create higher-resolution 3d animations.
  3. Modern-style: Briskland 3D explainer has artistic design according to the most trended graphic style. That lets you create eye-catcher artworks easily. Read more about trended motion graphic styles
  4. Comprehensive package: It provides all of your needs to create a perfect storyteller motion graphic and a complete library of animated elements. As our team had 20 years of experience in the animation and motion graphics industry, we considered all production conditions and customer expectations.
  5. No plugin required: Although we used Duik to create the product, you don’t need any plugins to use it.
  6. Easy to use: It’s so easy to use. You can explain your story with a few clicks. Just insert animated characters and add backgrounds and extra elements. Compare video creating tools here
  7. A handy catalog extension: Install the extension to have high-speed access to elements and insert them with a double click. Also, you can arrange character actions with a few clicks and set the settings and placeholders too fast.
  8. Full custom control: Rule your 3d world using full custom color controls and a lot of valuable placeholders.
    • Diverse talking, pre-animated, and customizable characters with a wide range of usages.
    • A lot of diverse 3D locations.
    • Functional, customizable typographies.
    • Cell phone screens with mockups of all popular social media pages and websites.
    • Desktop mockups of social networks and web pages.
    • Some logo reveals to provide your brand.
    • A complete package of 3D animated objects.
    • Creative transitions, motion shape elements.
    • Video promo to describe videos.
    • Speech bubbles for characters.
    • Helpful slideshows to screen your footage gallery.
    • 3D showcases to demonstrate your products or services.
    • And many helpful lower-thirds.
  9. Pre-made Animated Actions: Fast to use plus lively appearance and the nimble result have made the Briskland explainer package.

Note: As we designed this project for the English version of After effects, you must use English Ae.

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