Animated Presentation 📺

Animated Presentation 📺

Animated Presentation

Which method is better to present your idea or a system? Contextual documents, images, PowerPoint, or an animated presentation video?

Scientists find that the motion quickly attracts your attention when you look at a page or screen. Movement in a person’s peripheral vision can trigger a change in visual attention. How fast that concentration changes toward a moving object depends on how animated, the viewer perceives the thing. This is the first factor in choosing a video for your presentations by most experts.

Set Sail For A Funny Tale Animated TV Series

Benefits Of Using Animated Presentation

Animated video presentations are better than other presentations concerning engaging audiences and being attractive, as animated videos involve two of the most prominent human senses (eyesight and hearing) that attract people’s attention. Some of the most elevated are seen among content types in marketing. For instance, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos Banned PowerPoint.

So having an animated presentation that tells a story is much better than many text and photos.

Now, if you want to add some animations to your presentation, do you think pre-made PowerPoint animations are better or animations you can create yourself? Which one is more flexible? Which one has fewer restrictions?

Indeed, the animations you create can be changed to your taste, and there is no limit to your creative mind. Well, you might say that I don’t have the skills to do this, so I have to limit myself but don’t make that mistake.


How To Create an Animated Presentation

There are a lot of tools for creating presentation videos. Read more about the best video-making tools here.

Here we write about the After Effects template, the most popular tool. You can learn about After Effects as quickly as possible from the Basic After Effects education.

After years of producing motion graphics, the Dream Expander team found a defect in After Effects software that even templates had not supplied it. Many After Effects users use it to present their organization, processes, or steps of some things. One of the essential features of all software used for presentations, such as PowerPoint or even Microsoft Word, is chart and flowchart maker tools. For example, in Microsoft applications, Smart Art tools are trendy.

But After Effects doesn’t have the same tool. Some templates provide charts, but they are often used to create statistics, not flowcharts or organizational or process diagrams.

Now you can create a unique animated presentation with the help of Smart Chart Builder. For example, the following video was made by using this extension.



How To Use The Smart Chart Builder Extension?

With Smart Chart Builder, you can easily design different charts, customize the texts and footage, and quickly produce a presentation video by moving the camera on them.




A unique tool for making an animation to present:

  • Systems
  • Networks
  • Flowcharts
  • Educate processes
  • Step-by-step procedures
  • Components of a technology
  • Present hierarchies
  • Cycles
  • Slide shows
  • Infographics
  • Many other creative scenes

Create and modify a sequence of framed placeholders with just a few clicks.



  • A user-friendly and responsive Ae. Extension to create any kind of flowchart easily
  • Three basic types of charts; tree chart, cycle chart, and process chart
  • Build flowcharts with the desired number of components
  • Two title and image placeholders for each component
  • Six Shapes for each component; Rectangle, Pentagon, Rhombus, Square, Circle, and Ellipse
  • Seven trending graphic styles cover different types of motion graphics
  • Color customizable
  • Modify panel for easy customize; Add components, Custom colors, and change shape and scale
  • Dynamic shapes; let you move and re-arrange components.
  • Animated components
  • 3D layers
  • Ferris wheel effect: Keep fixing the cycle chart angle while you rotate them.
  • 24 pre-made charts on after-effect files


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