10 Lives Animation

10 Lives Animation

10 Lives Animation


Beckett (10 Lives Animation Star) is a spoiled, egotistical cat that completely ignores the good fortune bestowed upon him. But everything is about to change when he foolishly wastes his ninth life. He begs to be permitted to go back to his ideal existence when confronted with the inevitable. Naturally, the Gatekeeper initially turns him down, but in a show of extraordinary compassion, he agrees to let him return to Earth with new life. He doesn’t immediately realize, though, that each of these new lives will result in his reappearance in various forms, each of which will teach him a meaningful and relevant lesson. Beckett undergoes a journey during which he transforms from a dazzlingly self-absorbed pet to a self-sacrificing hero. This is because sometimes you must take many different paths before reaching the most excellent version of yourself.


10 lives animation

10 Lives Animation Breaking news:


The voice cast for Chris Jenkins’ next computer-animated family comedy, 10 Lives, includes comedian Mo Gilligan, singer Zayn Malik, and actress Simone Ashley (Bridgerton) (Duck Duck Goose).



The cast is completed by Dylan Llewellyn (Derry Girls) and Sophie Okonedo (Hotel Rwanda).


More About 10 Lives Animation


The movie tells the tale of a spoiled and egotistical cat that takes for granted the lives given to him. He pleads for a second chance to prove he can learn from his faults after foolishly losing his ninth life. His request is eventually fulfilled, but with amusing conditions. At AFM, GFM Animation will show first-look material.

Adam Zhang continued, “Original Force strives to produce exciting story-telling driven by the most cost-effective high-quality pipelines with world-class teams on both campuses in Culver City, California, and Nanjing, China. We appreciate the 10 Lives roadshow that GFM launched at the EFM. We think that with a strong and committed partner, our movie will keep gaining ground worldwide.


10 lives animation



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