Wish cartoon

Wish cartoon

Wish cartoon

Walt Disney Animation Studios will soon release the animated musical picture Wish cartoon in the United States. It will be the 62nd animated film in the Disney Animated Canon when it debuts on November 22, 2023. Jennifer Lee will pen the script, while Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn helm the picture.


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Wish Summary

Wish cartoon is the story of Princess Asha, a goat named Valentino from the Kingdom of Rosas, who encounters an absolute star and embarks on an epic journey across the stars and other realms to save her people.


The movie recounts the history of the recognizable Disney wishing star and is a fantasy about the strength of wishes and aspirations. It takes place in the beautiful Kingdom of Wishes, where wishes actually do come true. The theme, which brings together a recurring theme in all Disney films—that dreams may come true—was chosen to celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary.


Disney’s initial watercolor animation and the computer-generated imagery (CG) that the company utilizes today are combined in Wish’s visual aesthetic.

Asha (Ariana DeBose), a 17-year-old motivated optimist and future leader, is one of the film’s two heroines. She will have to work with Star, a cosmic force and limitless ball of pure energy and maybe chaos, in order to defeat one of the universe’s most fearsome foes.


The voice of a goat named Valentino, who receives the fulfillment of his dream to converse, is provided by Alan Tudyk, Disney’s contemporary good luck charm. Julia Michaels, a Grammy nominee, created the soundtrack. More for Us, performed by DeBose, was the first song heard by the D23 crowd.



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