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Content idea generator

Content idea generator

Content marketing formula

Every engrossing content marketing needs two wings to fly. Attractive media includes images or videos to catch the audience’s eyes and compelling text to engage their brain.

Excellent media+Proper text = successful content marketing

Set Sail For A Funny Tale Animated TV Series

We talked about generating awesome media for content in the previous article, and now we want to write about the contextual part of your content.

When we’re using channels like blogs and social networks, we can search for the appropriate content marketing and attract viewers who might be interested in our content. By the way, this won’t be helpful if we’re not efficient in catching and keeping the public’s attention. The vast amount of content on the internet, as well as an audience’s limited ability to focus, make this stuff a challenge. To overcome it, we must use creativity and make variously, getting involved and authentic content. This blog will discuss the different formats we can use and talk about content idea generator tools that can ease the process.

Definition of content idea generator?

A content idea generator is a tool that lets us design useful content that controls our content marketing. It will help us find new topics that match our niche or find new paths to develop our recent content.

There are various categories for us to choose and we can also search for different terms. As we have found a good topic, we can view the other subtopics and take a better idea of what we need.

The different kinds of content

If we already have a Content Marketing strategy, we know that using different content formats is fundamental to ensuring a great relationship with the customers and consumers.
Besides making the consumer experience much more productive, such various ease our conversion strategy. Each type has unique characteristics that we can use for each one of the marketing carry phases.
So then, before discussing the best content idea generator tools, let’s talk about some types of content and see how our company can get profit from its use.

Blog posts

Blog posts have a huge role in content strategies. By using SEO techniques and methods and creating suitable materials, we can attract original traffic to our platform and inform consumers about the problems they face.

The purpose is to make our brand authority and show the people that our solutions can be what they need. However, it would be best if you suggested more than tips and information; the consumer needs a complete experience.

So we make sure that we insert elements to our blog that encourage engagement, such as images, videos, and interactive tools.


While blog posts work best for consumer attraction, eBooks are often suggested to leads already advanced in marketing.
A gross practice among marketers is to offer this kind of content on a landing page in exchange for certain consumer information. A good eBook should bring related information and, if it’s possible, encourage increasing interaction.

Interactive calculators

We’ve already talked about using interactive tools as something fundamental to create value for your blog. Interactive calculators are an excellent type of content.
Calculators are extremely engaging content credits that can be suggested to the lead in different journey forms, with specific attention to the decision. This Cengage calculator, for example, expos the user how much they can save money by subscribing to a premium plan.
In this way, the tool becomes influential since it clarifies to the users the benefits they can catch by dealing with your brand.

Solution finders

The other type of content that is excellent for convincing the consumer to decide is solution finders. An interactive experience could help the lead decide on the most suitable solution for their situation since they have already passed the nutrition level.
For example, this Purchasing Point solution finder helps the users decide which laptop they should buy. For this, it asks some questions about the user’s needed preferences.
Ultimately, the tool leads to the best solution and offers a connection to a buying page. This method is used in many online stores.

Content idea generator and the future

content idea generator

Creativity is a severe factor in digital marketing these days. Even though creativity can also be tiresome if you choose it as everyday work, this is where the Content Idea Generator comes in.
Content idea generators will continue to exist in the world of the future, as we wanted for high-quality things continues to improve. Therefore, the use of content idea generators also continues to be known. In the following years, we may see a relief from the newest content idea generators introduced to the market. These will help you make fascinating and unique content that your subscribers love and assist you in the content marketing world.


Three best content idea generator tools

1. HubSpot’s Topic Generator

HubSpot is a very fantastic tool for generating topics for your blogs. Easy and palpable. First, you must enter five random nouns related to your blog. Then, it will suggest that it can be used as a start for you to create a creative and unique post.

2. Impact’s Title Generator

This tool aims at making easy your blog writing, and it will guide you in choosing topics for blogs. The subscribers can choose between a variety of topic suggestions and edit the suggested topics with desired keywords.

3. Answer the Public

Answer the public is one of this area’s most complete and well-programmed tools. It works by analyzing data from search engines like Google or Bing.
You only have to write down the keywords your blog is about, and that’s all: Answer, the public will search among the nouns most searched by the people that include the keyword inside.

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