How to design daily social media content? 📱

How to design daily social media content? 📱

How to design daily social media content?


“Content is King” Bill Gates

Daily content production is the most critical atomic habit of building a big business. Any new content you create on your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social networks will be like a knot in a big fishing net, and it will soon be able to catch a lot of fish for you. It is the most potent form of digital marketing.

Daily content idea

The first step to creating successful content is brainstorming for yourself and writing down all the relevant topics to your work. You need a single concept for your content publishing network that makes all your posts homogeneous and gradually introduces your business. If your content design is not uniform and each post is incompatible with previous ones, it cannot attract viewers.

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Both the idea and appearance of the content are crucial to your success.

1-Appearance of the media contents

In most social networks and websites, it is necessary to put at least one photo or video for the content. The media is the first and the most important thing that attracts attention in an article or post.

The appearance of an image or video must have three characteristics for the post’s content:

  1. Relation to the target
  2. Attractive appearance
  3. Integration between all posts

Relation to the target

The relationship between the image and the content’s text is essential. Because the audience’s eyes see pictures before reading the text, and if they can’t find what they are looking for in the image, they will stop reading the text, just like the book cover. When you go to a bookstore, you first see the book’s cover image, even before the book’s title and author. If it does attract you, you will not flip through the book and will not buy it.

So you must design at least part of the content concept in the image. There are three ways to do this:

  1. Be a professional designer yourself
  2. Hire an experienced designer
  3. Use mockups or templates that are flexible and can show the purpose of the content

2-Attractive appearance

There is fierce competition between images and social media. The best and most attractive photos attract more audiences. You must hire a good graphic designer or use mockups and templates to have great images. I introduce a perfect mockup as an example below.


3-Integration between all daily content posts

It is essential to try to match your image or video with other posts in addition to being beautiful and attractive, which will make the viewer’s eyes get used to your content and gradually become familiar in his mind. It is one of the essential principles of branding. For example, your corporate color should always be present in the images, or the graphic style you use should be the same.

Unity principle in graphic design:

Unity is the principle that pulls together all the other design elements. Your design should be focused. Each piece’s component should feel like it belongs there, rather than standing out in isolation or failing to fit with the rest of the design elements. You must observe this principle both for the components of an image or video and the various posts you publish on social networks.

Read more about Motion Graphics Styles.


Try to synchronize all videos and images.

If you are a designer or have hired an expert, try to add some shared aesthetic factors to your posts. It will help you respect the principle of unity throughout your social networks. Some aesthetic aspects are Color, Shape, Pattern, Line, Texture, Visual weight, Balance, Scale, Proximity, and Movement.


A Social Media Daily Content Maker Example

A toolkit that can synchronize both your video and images:

Your job will be easier if you use a suitable mockup package or template. Now I want to introduce you to a template that can generate and match the aesthetic content of your posts. Business Content Maker contains both Adobe After effects and Premiere pro templates that help you create videos and images for daily content.

Daily content builder

A trended and uniform Graphic style:

Business Content Maker lets you create thousands of daily content, images, and videos, using a uniform graphic style. The dream expander template team provides you with this product designed according to uniform aesthetic aspects such as Shapes, Patterns, Lines, Textures, Visual weight, Balance, Scale, Proximity, and Animation with adjustable colors.

You can easily install the extension on After Effects and insert animated or still graphic elements by double click.


Pre-made layouts for static and animated mediums

An ideal strategy for producing your visual content is to generate lots of posts with various topics and layouts with the same graphic style. The Business content maker toolkit has a unique feature that allows you to use a different form for your content daily and get three horizontal, vertical, and square outputs for various social networks.

It’s an intelligent way for you to use After Effects or Primer explainer templates instead of Illustrator or Photoshop mockups. Because you can get both still image output and video from them, for example, you can use the images on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and your website, and the videos on YouTube, Vimeo, etc. It will save your time and make all your content more uniform.

Needed materials to produce content:

After you write the text of your content, you should add various elements to your image to express the subject of the text well. A suitable template can provide all this for you.

Essential elements to create custom pages are:


Iconic Characters:

Images of human characters are very suitable for the contents. Because they quickly attract the eyes of the audience and also can help a lot to express the subject. The Business content maker has a set of animated characters from different jobs. You can select the desired link from them and add it to your content by double-clicking.

Daily content elements, character


Title and lower thirds:

The title of your content is essential and should be written in the right style and in the best place on your page so that the principles of aesthetics are observed and the eye can see it easily. Let’s write the title, subtitle, headline, or slogan in the lower thirds on a designed area.

Daily content elements

Business content maker provides you with a pack of trendy design animated titles.



Using icons allows you to visualize your topics more and need less text. The human eye recognizes and understands icons much faster than words. Animated icons will enable you to create engaging videos easily.


Icon pack, daily content elements

Business content maker provides you with hundreds of helpful animated icons.


Animated shapes:

Animated shapes usually help to fill the image. But they can be very effective in the beauty of the picture. They give your video dynamism, movement, and energy and fill your still images.

Daily content elements

Business content maker provides you with useful animated shapes.

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