How to make engaging videos for makeup affiliate marketing? πŸ’„

How to make engaging videos for makeup affiliate marketing? πŸ’„

How to make engaging videos for makeup affiliate marketing?

Makeup affiliate marketing is an excellent way to earn money. You need four steps to this:

  1. Use an affiliate program to provide you with beauty products.
  2. Produce an attractive video promoting that product
  3. Publish the video on YouTube, blogs, your website, social networks, etc.
  4. Get paid a commission for each purchase of that product.

The success key is making attractive videos. In this tutorial, I’m trying to teach you to create the best videos quickly.

Set Sail For A Funny Tale Animated TV Series

You need three things to make a great video:

  1. A proper place to record movie
  2. Camera and microphone
  3. Suitable tool for video editing

The appropriate place to record the movie

You do not need to have a professional studio to get started. Many makeup affiliate marketing marketers have begun from their home’s kitchen, hall, or even bedroom and made thousands of dollars.

The beauty of the place is critical. Try to prepare the background of your video to be clean and tidy. You can use the principles of Feng Shui for a lovely arrangement. Use a collection of simple and beautiful objects, but they shouldn’t draw too much attention so that the viewer focuses on the products you are talking about it. Try to match the color of the objects and the background with your clothes and makeup. Make sure the place is tranquil and well-lit.

Once you have progressed, you can set up a professional acoustic studio with complete lighting equipment.

Camera and microphone

As for the camera, you can start with a cheap device or even a cell phone camera that has high video quality. Stable your camera horizontally on a tripod.

One problem with the phone’s camera is that the focus is automatic, so the focal node changes every time the subject moves in the frame, which is unpleasant for the audience. If your phone supports it, turn off the autofocus option.

I suggest you buy a separate microphone. Because the phone’s microphones often do not have enough quality.

Once you’ve made progress in your work, buy a professional camera, microphone, and tripod to make your videos look entirely different. Gradually your home studio will be complete.

How to record video shots?

If you want to produce a simple explainer video for makeup affiliate marketing, you can place the camera in front of you and record the entire video continuously in a single shot. To do this, you need to practice your monologue well a few times before shooting. So you shouldn’t cut the video in this method.

But for more professional videos, you can shoot videos from different angles and then attach the shots using editing software. It is not an easy task. Because you need to know the basic rules of directing, putting different shots together with varying sizes of view and angles have some formulas, and you can not put them together by chance. Follow to learn more advanced principles of directing and editing. We will provide some directing tutorials soon.

Suitable tools for video editing makeup affiliate marketing

There are many tools for editing the raw videos and converting them into attractive and professional videos, the most important of which we have compared here. But in this tutorial, I want to teach the fastest and most professional method.

A) Adobe Primmer and MOGRTs

Adobe premiere is a simple and powerful video/ audio editing software. You can learn the basic abilities of Premiere in one day. So it helps you make a simple video, mix recorded shots, add some music, and give some effects to the project like color correction and fast motion.

But if you want your video to be attractive and unique, you must use professional graphic elements. Since 2019, Adobe has added a feature to Premier called Essential Graphics. It lets you import some files into Premiere called MOGRT that professional designers created in After Effects. This feature helps you quickly create videos that look like professional motion graphics in Premier.

How to download and use MGRT files?

When you install Premiere, there are several default MOGRTs on it. But if you want to use professional and up-to-date graphics, you can buy a MOGRT package. In the markets places like Envato, there are many attractive packages made by the most experienced graphic designers in the world. You can buy, download, and customize them for your project at meager prices.

I suggest you a tremendous MOGRT package that the Dream Expander team has designed for cosmetic videos. Retro Beauty Elements Pack is designed in a trending graphic style that is very popular in the beauty industry.

Read more about the Graphic style of your video.

Retro Beauty Elements Pack is a complete package that includes all the necessary materials for makeup and cosmetic videos, including the following elements:

  1. Icon pack
  2. Title and lower thirdsΒ 
  3. Animated Objects
  4. Motion shapes
  5. Quotations
  6. YouTube Icons
  7. YouTube End Cards
  8. Video Promos
  9. Typographies
  10. Opener/intro (Only for After effects)

Using the package is enough to download MOGRTs files into Essential Graphics, add your texts and titles, and customize the graphics, time, and colors.

Quick Tips for makeup affiliate marketing:


Add some titles and lower thirds to make your movie more descriptive visually:

Lower third for makeup affiliation moves

Animated icons to attract the audience’s attention to the topic under discussion:

Makeup affiliate

Animated objects to increase the expression of the video:

animated objects for mockup videos

Quotations to bold your essential notices, product prompting, and call to action.

Quotations for mockup affiliate videos

YouTube icons and end cards to increase the engagement of the audience and subscribers:

You Tube call to action icons

Briskland, Professional 3D Explainer Toolkit free download

B) Adobe After Effects

After effects is the most popular application for making motion graphics. It lets you create advanced movies combined with more customizable motion graphics. It’s enough to learn the principles of the software if you want to use After Effects templates.

This application provides a wide range of tools and tricks, from extremely easy to advance. Users can use it as a simple movie maker or even customize actions utilizing a kind of coding called expression.

Fortunately, the teams that make the templates for you are very skilled and usually include the best graphic designers, professional After Effects specialists, experienced animators, and expert programmers. They provide you with a platform for all the advanced features to use efficiently. It eliminates the need to learn all the advanced features at the beginning.

For example, the mentioned Retro Beauty Elements Pack template supports effects projects too. You can use this product both in After Effects and in Premier. But in After Effects, you can further customize it and create more advanced projects.

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