7️⃣ Seven Makeup Affiliate Programs You Can Make Money With Them

7️⃣ Seven Makeup Affiliate Programs You Can Make Money With Them

Makeup Affiliate Marketing

Makeup affiliation is a fantastic way to earn money. You can make a lot of money by producing simple videos on YouTube, blogs, and social networks. To do this, you must:

  1. Use an affiliate program to provide you with beauty products.
  2. Produce an attractive video of that product
  3. Get paid a commission for each purchase of that product.

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Seven Makeup Affiliate Programs You Can Make Money With

1. Bh Cosmetics

The first makeup affiliate program is bhcosmetics.com, which specializes in cruelty-free makeup based in Los Angeles, California. They have all types of makeup for the eyes. They carry lashes, take makeup for the face and tools such as brush sets, and even bring fantastic vegan brushes.

So if you want to get to the affiliate program, go to this address https://www.bhcosmetics.com/pages/affiliate, and you can get all the details. They have an 8% commission as well as a 90-day cookie window. You can join the affiliate program through Rakuten Linkshare Network; at the bottom of the page, you can create an account or sign in if you already have an account.

2. Sephora

The next program is sephora.com. You are probably really familiar with Sephora. If you don’t already use shop there or you submit the products. They are also one of the most popular beauty stores usually found in shopping malls. Sephora is super popular. They carry a ton of different items. You can get to the affiliate program at the bottom of the page. (https://www.sephora.com/beauty/affiliates). There you will get more details about the affiliate program that they do have a 3% base commission. Their affiliate program is managed through cli.linksynergy.com. So you should click on the here word in the last sentence to apply for an account if you do not already have one with Linksynergy.

3. Juice Beauty

The next is juicebeauty.com. It is a skincare company that specializes in luxurious organic skincare. But they carry skincare and make up this well for the cheeks, eyes, and lips. They also have various skincare products, which you can find a ton of them. You can make the makeup and the skincare products to get into the affiliate program.

You need to scroll down the page, and like most websites, the affiliate link is in the footer (https://juicebeauty.com/pages/affiliate-program). Click the affiliate program, and you can learn more about this one. The base commission is 6%.

4. Mica Beauty

The next one is Mica Beauty cosmetics, they specialize in makeup made from 100% pure mica minerals.

If you want to join the affiliate program, they have a link at the bottom of the website. You can get more details so you can see here that they have a tiered Commission so that you can make anywhere between 5 to 8 percent commission, and they do have a fantastic lifetime cookie. If you want to sign up, they are managed through idevdirect.com to click signup, or if you already have an account, you can log in, but that’s who they’re managed through, so that is mica beauty cosmetics.

5. 100% Pure

The next one is 100percentpure.com.

I like this product line because, as the name states, they specialize in that all of their products are 100% pure. They do not contain any toxic or harsh ingredients, and they go above and beyond to make sure that the products are made with pure ingredients and are cruelty-free.

So if we want to get to the affiliate program, you scroll to the bottom; there affiliate program link is in the footer (https://www.100percentpure.com/pages/affiliates), and then we can find out more about what they offer. They offer an 8% Commission.

Some information can help you provide the products in your videos better and more effectively.

Their products are natural and cruelty-free. The products are free of artificial colors, fragrances, synthetic chemical preservatives, and toxins. Many people specifically search for these types of makeup and skincare products. Both of which they carry, so this is an excellent company if you want to promote these types of products, definitely apply.

They are managed by shareasale.com, which is excellent, so it’s easy to sign up with Sharecell, apply, get approved, and you’ll be all set.

6. Ofra

The next makeup program affiliate program is Ofra.

These products were created by Ofra Gaito, the therapist, and makeup artist. She’s been in this industry since 1979. She knows what she’s doing. She has worked with salons and spas as well as different celebrities.

The affiliate program is not in the footer link. You can use this address: https://ofracosmetics.refersion.com.

You can learn more they have a 30-day cookie length and a nice 10% commission there, so you can apply right on the affiliate page if you are interested in this program. It’s powered by refersion.com so that it offers cosmetics.

7. Myo Makeup

The following program is myomakeup.com, and this is another makeup company that does not add any toxic or harsh chemicals to its products. If you click the About Us, you can learn more about that. It is formulated without petro-chemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes, oils, bismuth, talc, or sulfates.

If you want to get to the affiliate program, the link is in the footer ( https://myomakeup.com/pages/affiliates). So you can click and get all the details; they have a 20 percent commission which is excellent in a 30-day cookie link. This one is also powered by refersion.com, so easy to sign up and apply, so definitely check them out.

What is the next step?

After you register in each affiliate program, you will be given product links, and your work will begin. You can put the link on blogs, websites, social networks, and anywhere else that many people see it so that they can buy using the link, and you will be paid the commission.

But the most critical step is to produce compelling content. No one clicks on an alone link or a simple recommendation. The best and most visited content is video. You can create some interesting make-up videos, post them on YouTube or other platforms and refer visitors to your link.

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