How Do You Live? (film)

How Do You Live? (film)

How Do You Live (film)


A new Japanese animated picture titled How Do You Live?, written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and created by Studio Ghibli, will be released shortly. Although it features a unique plot unrelated to the novel, it is titled after Genzaburo Yoshino’s 1937 novel of the same name. A “big fantastical film” has been used to characterize the endeavor.


The movie, which Toho is distributing, will debut on July 14 in Japan. Ghibli chose not to distribute any previews or photographs of the movie before its premiere, except a single poster, making the film’s release notable for its purposeful lack of any advertising.


How Do You Live? (film)


How Do You Live (film) Production


Hayao Miyazaki attended a press conference in Venice in September 2013 to announce his retirement. At the press conference, he remarked: “I know I’ve said I’d retire a lot in the past. Many of you may be thinking, “Again?” but this time I really mean it. Later on, though, Miyazaki had a change of heart and chose to leave his post-retirement life to helm another movie.

He started working on animation in July 2016, which studio CEO Toshio Suzuki subsequently confirmed. Studio Ghibli reopened with several of its previous partners working on the project as Miyazaki came out of retirement. The movie will be called How Do You Live?, after Genzaburo Yoshino’s 1937 novel of the same name, Studio Ghibli said in October 2017.

Initially, it was claimed that the movie would be a loose adaptation of the book. However, closer to the movie’s premiere, producer Toshio Suzuki denied any connection between the book and the movie other than the title. According to Suzuki, Miyazaki is making the movie for his grandson as a means of expressing, “Grandpa is leaving behind this movie but is soon to move onto the next world.” The 2020 Summer Olympics were formerly thought to coincide with the movie’s premiere.


How Do You Live (film) Release


On July 14, 2023, How Do You Live? will receive a theatrical premiere in Japan. Notably, the movie won’t have a conventional marketing campaign, and only one teaser poster will serve as the only preview picture or trailer before the movie’s premiere.







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