Resident Evil: Death Island

Resident Evil: Death Island

Resident Evil: Death Island

A 2023 Japanese adult computer-animated action horror movie called Resident Evil: Death Island is set in the same world as the Resident Evil video games. Following the 2017 film Resident Evil: Vendetta and the 2021 miniseries Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, it is the fifth entry and fourth movie in the animated Resident Evil franchise.


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The Story Of Resident Evil: Death Island

“D.S.O. agent Leon S. Kennedy is trying to find a mystery woman who can stop him from finding Dr. Antonio Taylor’s kidnappers. In the meantime, B.S.A.A. agent Chris Redfield is looking into a zombie epidemic in San Francisco, where the infection’s origin is unknown. The victims’ recent trips to Alcatraz Island are the only things they have in common. Chris and his colleagues travel to the island in search of that clue, where they discover a fresh nightmare.



Resident Evil: Death Island



The movie, according to Capcom, will take place in 2015.This sets the movie between Resident Evil 6’s (2013-set) and Resident Evil: Vendetta’s (2014-set) events and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’s (2017-set) events.



Resident Evil: Death Island Release Date

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment announced the movie on February 2, 2023. IGN posted an exclusive teaser for the movie and claimed that the movie will debut in the middle of 2023, be directed by Eiichir Hasumi, and be written by Makoto Fukami. The movie will be screened internationally, barring Japan, thanks to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Prior to Japan on July 7, 2023, the movie had its world premiere in Singapore on June 22, 2023, followed by screenings on June 29 in Taiwan and Malaysia, and on July 25 in all other areas through video on demand along with DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K Blu-ray.


Voice cast

  • Chris Redfield portrayed by Kevin Dorman
  • Leon S. Kennedy is played by Matthew Mercer
  • Jill Valentine, played by Nicole Tompkins
  • Rebecca Chambers, played by Erin Cahill
  • As Claire Redfield, Stephanie Panisello
  • Ingrid Hunnigan, played by Salli Saffioti







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